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CA toppers share their success secrets to aspiring youngsters! - 14-Apr-2021

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The Chartered Accountancy or CA exam is one of the toughest exams to crack and many commerce students opt for this career path for a bright future.     

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, the CA final exam (2020 -2021) got postponed four times, adding enormous amount of pressure to the appearing candidates. Furthermore, too much planning, re-planning escalated the anxiety and adrenaline of the students.         

Five students shared their reasons to choose CA and tips and strategies on how they handled Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown while preparing for the coveted exam.

Komal Kishor Jain

Why did you choose CA?
My father was an accountant by profession and he was an inspiration to me. When I had to make a decision about my career, I realized that this profession empowers you financially since it helps you to take better financial decisions. This pushed me significantly to pursue a career as a CA.

Preparation tips for future CA aspirants:
  • To clear the CA Exam, you must have patience, determination and perseverance. CA is one of the most sought-after and challenging professions in India and your journey will be full of hurdles.
  • It is essential to schedule your preparation on an hourly basis. Divide your time so that each subject gets enough time.
  • In addition to this, practicing mock test papers is equally important and will help you in managing your time better and will undoubtedly boost your confidence.
Why did you choose CA?
One of the most important factors that influenced my decision to become a CA was learning about the lucrative opportunities in the financial world. When my father advised me to pursue a career in Chartered Accounting, my decision was already made. Initially, I knew very little about it. However, during my articleship, I developed a strong interest in the curriculum.

Preparation tips for future CA aspirants:
  • Keep practicing a wide-range of questions and avoid sticking to the same set. This will build your confidence and help you tackle difficult questions.
  • Practice mock test series from the early stages of preparation. It will help you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always aim to attempt a full 100 marks question paper.
  • We should be optimistic about the exam in order to perform to our full potential. Instead of waiting for luck to favour us, we should be prepared to answer the most difficult questions.
Vaibhav Hariharan
Why did you choose CA?
CA is one of the most sought-after and respected professions in India and around the world. I have always been a finance enthusiast and decided to pursue Chartered Accountancy as a career when I was in the 10th grade.

Preparation tips for future CA aspirants:
  • All the subjects are equally important. Give your best for all the subjects.
  • It is essential to solve multiple mock tests
  • Focus on learning difficult topics when you feel most focused during the day
  • Presentation matters when it comes to theoretical papers.
Bishal Timsina
Why did you choose CA?
When I was in 12th grade, I first learned about this profession. Given its broad scope, I began preparing for it immediately after finishing my 12th boards. People who had qualified in the last few years told me that it might take four to five years to complete but I went ahead with it anyway and it was definitely worth it.

Preparation tips for future CA aspirants:
  • Revise theory subjects to ensure retention
  • Study every subject on a regular basis.
Mohammed Shabeeb
Why did you choose CA?
During my school days, Math was my favourite subject. In our society, it is believed that whoever is good at math should pursue CA which definitely motivated me. I first heard of this in my 7th grade and that is when I decided that I will become a CA in life.

Preparation tips for future CA aspirants:
  • Make your own notes, especially for difficult topics and revise them once a week.
  • Invest more time on important topics. Begin with Advanced Management Accounting (AMA).
  • Balance your day and work smartly. It is wise to spend 10 hours on difficult topics and 3-4 hours in a day on easy ones.
  • Don't assume that having to pass an exam will take 6 months of preparation. It is also possible to complete the same in 60 days. All you need to do is plan ahead of time.   
To conclude, on the whole what these five toppers say, with the right preparation strategy, it is not too difficult to crack the CA exam.

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