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Competencies to become good managers!- 11-Jan-2021

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In a way it has become a trend.        

Managing other people can be scary first, that requires special skill and knowledge.  

Few people are natural leaders, but many on the other hand need some help developing important manager competencies.

Competency is defined as "the quality of being competent; adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity."

Some competencies come naturally for people while others need to be learned and practiced.

Here are 12 leadership competencies to be acquired:
1. Supervising ability
2. Resolve conflicts  
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Communication skills
5. Manage performance
6. Interviewing skills
7. Team Building
8. Delegation of jobs & responsibilities
9. Open for new changes
10. Ability to coach
11. Problem solving
12. Motivator

This is an example of leadership competencies. Invest the time and resources to identify specific competencies that you may require for your organization and you will be able to create a work environment that motivates, develops and successfully manages employee performance.

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