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A peep inside 'teamwork' ! - 1-Dec-2020

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The moment we hear the word Team work, everybodys mind would be linked to the word co-operation.

Teamwork is working together for the good of the group, which looks easy, but at times individual identity crops in with the me taking a prominent place.

Like the human body that is made-up of several different organs and systems, working towards one particular goal life in the human system; a good functioning team also should have a clear single objective.

Down below are cited few important points for better teamwork:

  • Team members should be clear of the teams objective
  • An environment for team members to voice out openly & confront needs to prevail
  • Within the team, support & trust must prevail, though everyone may differ in ideology, views.
  • Need to have healthy competition within the team
  • Sound procedures need to be put in place for better teamwork
  • Good leadership is a backbone for a good teamwork
  • Regular review is a must for team success
  • Good teamwork must encourage individual development
  • Healthy relationship need to prevail with other groups or departments too  

Certainly, if these objectives are met, any team can move towards any goal.              

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