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Six key attributes of a leader! - 22-Oct-2020

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Even in the simplest situation, such as when a group embarks on a discussion of some sort, a leader seems to be essential.  

Thus necessity for a leader becomes inevitable in various domains to reach a desired objective.   

The function of a leader is to organize the activities of the members of the group towards the accomplishment of some common goal through planning, organizing, motivating, decision making and executing.

In order to be a leader, it is important to possess six key attributes like Professional Knowledge & Competence, Good Decision Making, Absolute Justice & Impartial, Moral Courage, Physical Courage and Good Human Touch.

No one is born with professional knowledge and competence, but has to be only acquired the hard way.

Next is the ability to make decisions and ensure that the decision is carried out properly. An individual vacillating and hesitating is inadequate and never can be in a position of responsibility.             

Without respect, it is impossible to lead a team. A leader ought to be absolutely just and impartial to garner respect from his team.  

Moral courage is the ability to distinguish right from wrong and having distinguished it, to be prepared to say so, irrespective of the views held by superiors or subordinates.  

Fear is a natural phenomenon and no one is free from it. It is at the time of adversity, it is essential to show physical courage and assert your leadership.

Finally, the team comprises human beings who are prone to be ill-disciplined many a time and are also likely to go through various human problems such as sickness, death, debt, depression . as a result, the leader must have the human touch and also know when to crack the whip.

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