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How to manage anger ? Part - 1- 16-Oct-2020

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Everyone gets angry or prone to get angry.

Anger is a normal emotion, but can go bad when its not released or expressed correctly.

Stress coupled with anger can insidiously eat away professional productivity and personal happiness. 

The most important thing is that rather than working hard on skills or techniques to control anger, the key is to resolve the underlying factor that triggers anger.

Basically, the underlying negative feelings erupt at the least provocation, turning you into an emotional wreck.

Besides, there are ways to keep those angry emotions at bay, simple relaxation tools like deep breathing, soothing music can help to calm down.

Yoga and meditation can also help to relax from the tense situation and make a person calmer.

Learn to deal anger in a constructive manner. To put it in simple terms, just change the way you think. Angry people are extremely illogical. Try to replace it with rational thinking.

A simple but practical truth is that getting angry will not solve the problem, rather it would only aggravate the situation.

Find the source of anger. It could be due to certain inner feelings or it could be due to some sort of fear or hurts; and probably other negative feelings in your heart. Or even, perhaps, due to the inability to put across frustrated thoughts in an assertive manner.

To resolve anger bursts, it is important work on deep rooted issues than peripheral issues     

( be continued )        

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