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Dear sir I would like to know about different careers such as an oceanographer?- 6-Mar-2008

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Oceanographers study the sea and all its different facets such as the sea floor, marine life, ocean currents, the physical and chemical composition of the water and also the air above the ocean. The entire field, including the deep ocean and continental shelf regions as well as the shore with its dunes and tidal rivers fall within the sphere of activity of oceanographers

Oceanographers are involved in one of the following five branches of oceanography:

Physical Oceanography
Physical oceanographers study the physical properties of water such as temperature, salt content and density and phenomena such as currents, waves and shores. They also study the interaction between the sea and the air above and how it influences the weather and climate. Issues such as global warming and the ozone layer are currently under investigation.

Marine Biology
This involves all aspects of plant and animal life in the sea. Marine biologists study the occurrence, distribution and development of plants and animals and how these are influenced by environmental factors.

Marine Geoscience
Geological oceanographers are concerned with the processes involved in the formation of the sea floor and coastline, and current processes of erosion, sedimentation and silting. Prospecting for mineral deposits also occurs in the marine environment.

Marine Chemistry
Chemical oceanographers study the chemical composition of sea-water and the effect of chemicals on the marine environment. Pollution of sea-water offers new challenges to chemical oceanographers to determine the influence of that pollution on the quality of the water. The use of marine organisms in the search for new "drugs" is also important.

Coastal and Ocean Engineering
This is the application of engineering techniques to the coastal zone. It is essentially a branch of civil engineering which interfaces with the marine sciences. It involves the development and maintenance of harbours, coastal recreational facilities, inlet pipes for sea-water, effluent outfalls and the general management of the coastal zone.

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