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Peep into allied medical studies Part IV - 21-Sep-2019

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This is the last episode of one of the most job providing para-medicals studies.

Bachelor of Urology Technology

Duration: This is 4 year programme.

Eligibility: Must have passed 12th through science group

Job Details: This course, apart from getting to know the basic functioning of the renal system, it equips to handle various equipments, life saving machines, technology and procedures used in Urology. Candidates after this course will be able to carry out Uro-dynamics and extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy, urological endoscopes assisting all urological procedures and help patients to manage as in-patient and out-patient.

Bachelor of Forensic Science

Duration: This is a 3 year programme.

Eligibility: The candidate should have successfully cleared 12th through sceince or Math stream

Job Details: This programme comprising subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Social Science, Engineering, Geography will fine tune individual skills such as crime analyzation, nuances of laboratory, human physiology & anatomy and genome study.

Apart from tracing out hair, scent, human fluids and other essential cues from the accident or crime site, the important aspect of the job is to find out the exact reason for the crime or accident through careful studying of DNA profiling,  Spectrometery and Chromotography.

Bachelor of Medical Sociology

Duration: This programme is actually for 4 years.

Eligibility: Must have passed 12th through science stream.

Job Details: This study, beyond knowing about human health care and the various diseases that invade, the candidates study about the mental state and the behavioral pattern of the patient.

Pursuing this study will help to be a Family Counselor, Public Relationship Officer (PRO), Health Care Manager, Volunteer in Hospitable and Coordinator.

Not just working in the hospital as a management staff, they can bring out solutions to the social stigma and practices that crop up even after the treatment is over in consultation with medical expert.

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