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Peep into allied medical studies - Part I - 28-Aug-2019

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Just next to doctors, paramedical staffs play a crucial role in the different stages of treatment as well as in using the technology to its best.  

To rightly say, doctors cannot provide the right treatment without the assistance of paramedical staffs.

Now, lets look into few paramedical courses that are becoming popular.  

Generally, to take-up any paramedical studies, its important to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in plus two.  However, there are few exemptions.  

Course: Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Duration: 4 years.

Eligibility: Must have completed plus two with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Job scope: Respiratory Therapist would have to work in areas such as diagnosis, treatment, teaching and rehabilitation.  They play a crucial role in treating patients with COPD, Bronchitis, diseases of the lungs and asthma. They can also work in emergency care and at research centres.

Course: Bachelor of Science in Cardiac Perfusion Technology.

4 years.

Must have successfully cleared Physics, Chemistry and Biology in plus two.

Cardio-Thoracic anatomy, Physiology,  Patho-physiology, Pharmacology,  Fetal & Neonatal Cardiac development and perfusion science.

Those having completed these studies play an important role in the medical team that carries out cardiac surgery. They are closely involved with patients in critical care. The main role is to plug in the life supporting equipments on to the patients at the right time and closely monitor these gadgets.               

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