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Alternative medical studies in India Unani, Naturopathy & Yoga!- 25-Aug-2019

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Unani is the next most preferred course in Alternative Indian medicine after Ayervedha, Homeopathy and Siddha. 

As the name indicates, Unani system originated in Greece. The foundation of Unani system was laid by Hippocrates.

Unani Medicines got enriched by imbibing what was best in the contemporary systems of traditional medicines in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, China and other Middle East countries. In India, Unani System of Medicine was introduced by Arabs and soon it took firm roots.

Studies in Unnani is offered as Bachelor of Unnani Medicine & Surgery, BU. MS. This course is offered as 5 1/2 year programme with compulsory internship period of 1 year.

Subjects covered in this progrmme are Arabic, Unani Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Diseases, Preventive medicine, Ophthalmology. ENT, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

This course that is available in Urudhu and English can be taken as regular programme or as Distance Education.

As for as Higher education is concerned, anybody having completed BU.MS can pursue post graduation studies as MD and MS in 14 different specialization.

Naturopathy & Yoga : Offered  across the country in over 250 institutions, this is an integrated programme of Naturopathy with Modern Medicine. Currently, although medical studies in India requires NEET completion, this course offered in Tamil Nadu has been exempted from NEET.

This programme 5 1/2 year programme  is offered as BN.OS - Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic science with 1 year of internship.

Subjects covered in the programme are Anatomy, Disease, Dietary, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Pharmacology, yoga, Sanskrit, forensic medicine, toxicology and psychology.

The central government's Ministry of Ayush apart from recognises studies such as Ayurvedha, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, it has also recognised  Sowa Rigpa, a traditional form of medical practice that is widespread in the hilly regions of Himalayas.  

Sowa-Rigpa commonly known as Tibetan system of medicine is one of the oldest, Living and well documented medical tradition of the world. It has been originated from Tibet and popularly practice in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and Russia. The majority of theory and practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to Ayurveda .

Central Council for Tibetan Medicine in Himachal Pradesh has provided a structured approach towards this study.

In India, there are about 1000 Sowa-Rigpa medical practitioners.

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