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Need for change in college education!- 16-Jun-2019

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The most threatening situation of current engineering graduates of India is that a whopping 85 per cent of these students passing out of engineering colleges arent employable as teaching and learning is strictly pertained to a specific curriculum.

If at all this situation has to change, lot needs to be done for good and the better!     

For every student to contribute something good towards the society, they need to develop wide array of knowledge in multiple domains such as Mechanical, Electrical, Software and others too. To develop knowledge and skills in multiple domains, educational institutions should be equipped with the right infrastructure.

R&D that is known as Research and Development plays a crucial role in the development of every nation across the globe. My thought and suggestion is that the R&D roots should start from the colleges.  

Keeping this in purview, every college should be asked to carry out researches in a specific domain. The government should come forward to provide sufficient funds to such institutions. If this situation prevails, private educational institutions will do better than IITs students will be able to improve their skills to a great extent employment for students would become extremely easier.   

In India, with youngsters being the major chunk of the population, if the above said plan is rightly executed, Indians can perform really well among developed nations and certainly can take India to greater heights in the global economy.  

As for as our college is concerned, we provide skill development training after identifying the students area of interest, beyond the regular curriculum. We develop students skills with help of an expert in the latest technology. Apart from that, we have also provided the necessary infrastructure for all the sports and games within the campus itself.  

To put everything together, our main aim is to facilitate students to work independently and develop their self confidence.

Through all this, our experience is that, students become great accomplishers' by developing their skills independently.    

SV. Balasubramanium, Chairman, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology , Erode.     




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