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Scope in Para-medical studies!- 12-Jun-2019

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The field of medical studies has grown gradually to a great extend to provide huge employment opportunities after lot new specialization of studies have come up.

Today, scores of para-medical staff are required at various levels to work in hospitals, to provide quality healthcare and to quickly diagnose diseases of the patients.

Para-medical staffs play a vital role in the field of medicine supporting the doctors during surgeries as well as in other treatment processes.  The need for respiratory technicians, anesthesia technicians and dialysis technicians is extremely high in the field of medicine.

BOT which is known as Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, who actually assist to improve the life of various type of disabled patients is high in demand these days. Similarly, BPT, known as Bachelor of Physio Therapy has a great demand now.

Most Occupation and Physio- therapist prefer working freelance instead of working full time in hospitals. Similarly, students taking up Sports Medicine have a great future in the coming days.

Generally, those in the field of medicine with good communication skills in English have greater scope in foreign countries.  Even though, being a small job, those with good English communication skills have a better chance of getting jobs with good pay package.

As for as our institution is concern, we provide excellent infrastructure to patients as well as to students along with excellent curriculum. 

At this juncture, I would like to tell students that choosing the course what others have chosen will not be good.  Students need to choose the course after making deep analysis of their own skills, interests and expectations.

Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy, Director of Academics, Saveetha Institute of Medical & Technological Science, Chennai       



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