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Ways to make 'home work' meaningful!- 22-Jan-2019

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Generally, students who are thrilled to do their homework every single day are exceptional. 

Every student needs a motivational push now and then.

Students should never look at home work as an activity imposed to increase stress, job without any aim, and brain taxing.

Their attitude towards home work should completely change

Change your opinion:

Although, many a time home works may look odd and irrelevant, it actually helps to form the base on which ones future knowledge and skills are developed. Even though, home works may seem inappropriate, it is highly important towards the improvement of general knowledge and development as a person.

If algebra may seem out of place in home work, its importance will be felt when studying economics, business, science, and many other fields of study as it would be basics of the subjects. In the case of English homework at school, importance of paper writing will be felt at college and university.

Try to specialise one area:

No student loves all the subjects. Students need to focus a bit more on the area of interest and get some seriousness about it. Carry out in depth research in the area of interest, involve and enjoy the work.

However, this shouldnt hamper regular school homework; rather it should help to become more broad-minded of the topics that arent interesting.  Topics that arent of interest actually form the building blocks of ones career.

Essence of healthy competition:

Being competitive isnt to see classmates as rivals or enemies. It isnt necessary to tame a fierce and grim looking competitive spirit. Just team up with few and inspire each other to do better in all the subjects. Healthy competition can be a great motivating factor, provided it is approached appropriately. It shouldnt breed jealousy, pride and other vices.       

Healthy competition can help you be a more diligent student.

Learn to break big works into small steps:

If a big project is at hand to be completed in a time span as home work and you are not able to figure out where to start, make a plan and divide the entire process into few small steps. Complete each step in the planned time and turn it into a goal, having the big project in front of you all the time.

Get support to get motivated:

If no one is encouraging, you shouldnt get discouraged.

Teachers are always available to support their students, because their success as educators depends on the achievements of the student and class.

Most students dont see how the knowledge they gain in the classroom is implementable in the real world, so they see homework as a pointless task with a single aim to cause them stress, consume their free time and exercise their brain cells.

If thats the attitude towards homework, it is completely wrong!

Students need to have a different perspective on studies and gradually will understand how important they are.

Not depending on other sources for motivation, if students learn how to motivate themselves, the homework will immediately become important and meaningful.


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