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Tips for students on Time Management!- 13-Nov-2018

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Before learning other employability skills, time management is the foremost important skill to be acquired to make prudent use of time.  

What actually is time management? Time management is nothing too complex, but making the best use of the time available at hand.

Time is one of the most precious resource that can be turned productive or even wasted away.

Its highly important to know what to do when there is a block in your work or if certain thinks are not working your way.

Its important to know about yourself your habits, goals, and the times during the day that you are most alert and productive.

Time management really means managing yourself.  In other words, its making the best effort to be more effective, creative, and more successful. 

Benefits: Time management is an important tool you need to succeed in school, college and beyond.

It helps you achieve more, have more free time, lead balanced life and meet deadlines.

Certainly, following time management will facilitate to do more things without much wastage of time as well as not depriving of the fun and leisure.

How to manage time?  Make a list of the things that you need to do, buy, meetings to attend.and deadlines.

Learn to prioritize, break big tasks to small modules, reward yourself, get rid of distractions and have fun in leisure.   

The management of time is the management of your life. When you waste time you are wasting life !

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