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Study to groom elite Intelligence & Security professionals!- 13-Oct-2018

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In the present times, it is a great challenge for every nation to protect high level political secrets as well as to take crucial decisions on under-current cold wars. Apart from warding off threats from other countries, it is an additional challenge to keep a strong hold over ingrown terrorism.    

Beyond managing these threats, Intelligence and security play an important and crucial role in countrys security by, making precautionary moves foreseeing upcoming threats. 

Buckingham University, a pioneer educational institution in England, has devised an exclusive study towards bring out skilled persons in this specific area.

With subjects such as Security, Intelligence and Internet threats, it offers a BA Security, Intelligence & Cyber, a two year full time Under Graduate program.

This program with intense field work provides in-depth knowledge about Modern day terror challenges, Cold wars & Internet threats and Challenges & Means of Protection. This program is wonderfully designed with optional subjects such as Politics and Diplomacy.

Other related courses offered at Buckingham University:  

  • MA in Security and Intelligence Studies
  • MA in Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy
  • MA in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence (by Distance Learning)
  • MPhil and DPhil      

Skill required:  Intelligence Officers prime responsibility is to find out anything that is to bring disaster to the nation and take it to the government.

To carry out these tasks, the aspirant needs to be mentally and physically sound, possessing the ability to take appropriate decision quickly. To add on, well versed with the latest technology.

Carrying very high responsibility, many consider this challenging job to be a high profiled one. This study is good for those willing to work in Intelligence, Security, International relations and Trading.

This study would be useful to obtain government jobs in Intelligence services in India as well as other foreign countries.

Job opportunities are immense in private security agencies.  Those pursuing research in this domain have a bright future.                       

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