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Little about study of Pharmacy!- 9-Sep-2018

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Pharmacy is yet another poplar paramedical study in India. Pharmacist is involved in producing appropriate medicine for specific infections or diseases, dispensing medicines to patients with proper information on means of consuming the medicine. Apart from this, they also ensure effectiveness of the medicine by understanding the appropriate dosage.

Pharmacy is a field of science with amalgamation of health science and chemical science. This area of study equips students with right chemical combination of the medicine, side effects, dosage and the right way to preserve.

Pharmacy comprises of several specialization within itself, in the current scenario when medical field is booming taking giant steps.

Programs: The domain of pharmacy offers programs like Diploma in Pharm, B.Pharm, B.Tech Pharmacy, M.Pharm, M.Tech Pharmacy, MS Pharmacy and Phd.

Eligibility: To join in Under Graduation Programs, candidates need to have completed plus two with science group.  Similarly, its highly essential to have passed in Under Graduation program with science in Government affiliated institutions to join Post Graduation studies. 

Special Divisions:  The study of pharmacy comprises of specialized divisions such as Cardio Vascular Pharmacy, Infectious Disease Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutrition Pharmacy and Psychiatry Pharmacy  

Important Subjects:  Subjects covered in pharmacy include Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmaceuticals Mathematics &Statistics, Biochemistry and Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology.

Job opportunities:  Lot of job opportunities is available in both Government and Private sector for those completed degree in pharmaceutical study.  Likewise, job opportunities are available also in pharmaceutical research centers, manufacturing companies and in quality control. Positions that are available for those having completed pharmacy studies include Drug Inspector, Analytical Chemist and Medical Transcriptionist. If completed Post Graduation and Research studies, it is possible to work as lecturers in colleges. It is also possible to carry out entrepreneurship activity by establishing pharmaceutical stores.        

Top institutions:

  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Hyderabad and Mohali 
  • Tamil Nadu  Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Punjab University , Chandigarh   
  • IIT, Varanasi

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