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Research is our backbone!- 4-Sep-2018

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Soon, Dr. MGR Engineering Colleges, Thai Mookambigai Dental College and hospitals functioning under this trust were upgraded to Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, with the permission of UGC and Ministry of HRD.  

This institution besides receiving NAAC A certification, it has obtained NBA rank official recognition for five departments such as Bio Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Information technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Management.

The true indication of an institution doing well is based on the research being carried out there. Our educational institution contributes to the growth of the nation by carrying out researches that are useful to the nation and to the people of the nation.  

The institution has set up special centers of various departments. These centers carry out various researches in collaboration with leading companies and research organizations.  This understanding is highly useful for students to receive training in these companies as well as to get job opportunities.

So far, the Indian army was involved in making spare parts for bullet proof vehicles by importing raw materials from other nations. Our institution is now involved in carrying out researches to produce the raw materials for bullet proof vehicles within the nation instead of importing, with funds from Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).  

DRDO has approved our institution to carry out research on the subject, Internal Design for Rocket Motors.  At this point its important to mention that this research is extremely important towards the development of our nation.

Presently, short term researches are being carried out in our institute to the tune of 5 crore. Apart from this, several researches that would be useful to the nation as well as to the people are at the testing stage. We hope to get funds to carry out these researches soon with the help of the Indian government.  


ACS. ArunKumar, President, DR. MGR Educational & Research Institute, Chennai.      

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