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The study of Radiotherapy!- 31-Aug-2018

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The field of Medicine is not just about MBBSs, MSs and MDs.  There are lot of contribution from many others spheres of medicine in the process of providing good treatment. In this way, Radiotherapy is also an allied study that contributes lot towards medical technology.

In the present scenario, Radiotherapists along with doctors are involved right from planning every step in the treatment to process of cancer that is now highly widespread. The role of Radiotherapist is extremely important not only in the treatment of cancer, but also in the radiation treatment process of patients with issues related to the brain as well as spinal cord.

Programmes: As Radiotherapy is an allied medical programme, aspiring candidates need to have studied biology group in plus two. After completing schooling they can study BSc Radiotherapy. They can join MD radiology and can provide radiation treatment if completed MBBS.    

Important branches: This study comprises lots of sub-divisions such as Radiography, Radio Diagnosis, Radio & Imaging technology, Radio Biology, Neuro Imaging and Interventional Radiology.

Skills required: Skills to handle latest technological imaging gadgets; ability to function safely as well with extreme level of precision; and then the competence to rightly analyze results of the report.

Job opportunities:  Radiotherapy is one of the domains that requirement keeps increasing day by day. Anyone having a degree in this domain can get job in government as well as private hospitals.  Candidates with a qualification in this area of allied medical science can work right from Operation Theatre to ICU, CCU.  Apart from getting job opportunities in India, there are lot openings abroad too.   

Important Educational Institutions:

AIIMS, New Delhi

JIPMER, Pondicherry

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research college of Nursing, Chandigarh

Apollo Institute of Hospital Management & Allied Science, Chennai

Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical College Hospital, Bangalore              


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