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Providing job skills while in college!- 17-Aug-2018

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New technologies are continuously emerging domains such as Mechanical, Computer, Electronics, Civil and Electrical.  On the other hand, new opportunities are also opening up accordingly!

Generally, most youngsters gain domain related knowledge and other skills only after two years past joining the organization following college education. But, today, it has become imperative that these skills need to be acquired while in college itself.     

Keeping this in mind, our institution works towards providing these skills to students while they are in college itself.

Our college features the right ambiance and opportunities for the students to gain as much as they would in the initial two years of employment in a major company.  In the first two years of college, we provide skill development training; then the next two years, we give importance to project and internship.  Besides internship, we facilitate students to get stipend during the period. 

Presently a range of institutions, including government conduct technical competitions apart from private institutions.  Since these competitions provide good scope to a bright future, we incessantly provide our students with appropriate training and encouragement towards excelling in this contest.

Todays students, look forward to get jobs in America and other countries immediately after completing studies. Besides providing awareness in this regard, we also facilitate to get jobs. As lots of job opportunities are available in Japan particularly, we provide training in Japanese language, apart from providing skills expected there.

In view of the fact that we are able to provide internship in top educational institutions in Japan as well as China, students upgrade their skill sets understanding the global requirements. Beyond this, we encourage students to carry out their higher education in overseas national as well as begin some sort of self-employment program.  

In our college, a student from mechanical besides having sound knowledge in his own domain will also be able to acquire knowledge in various other domains such as Robotics, Automation, Electronics and others too. At this point, I am extremely happy to tell that our college provides the opportunity and infrastructure for these sort of trainings.   

P. Sriram, Chairman, Chennai Institute of Technology, Chennai                        

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