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Even average students can achieve!- 22-Jul-2018

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When I was just 25, at first I started a pharmacy college in the year 1992.

In the next 25 years, I have expanded this to 25 educational institutions with about 25,000 students studying.

At our institution, over 150 courses such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Management, teacher training, Engineering, Catering, Bio-technology, Bioinformatics, Visual communication, Law are being offered.

Most colleges provide admission to only students having more than 80 per cent of marks. But, we provide admission to even those having 50 per cent.

Just because of getting low marks, they shouldnt go astray without having an opportunity to carry out higher education. We provide excellent care to those students, facilitating them to get a degree.  Students those who study well and get good scores dont need close attention. They will able to study by themselves and score good marks. But, only those low scorers need close attention.

My aim is to transform these low scorers to be good citizens by facilitating to get good jobs after obtaining a degree through appropriate training.  

I have a reason for this too! I just got 50 per cent in school common exam and made several visits to Pachiyappa college to a seat in commerce. Finally, after intense effort alone I was able get a seat in that college. After several years, I became the board president of the same college.

For this reason, apart from providing admission to students with poor scores, we also provide financial assistance to economically weaker section students and to those students who excel in sports as well.

This is the advice that I would like give to students!

Dont try getting good marks by memorizing. Only if you understand and study, life will be good.  Keeping the future in mind, right from class X itself plan about what you really want to be in the days to come.

My wishes to all for a bright future!  

Ishari K. Ganesh, Founder Chancellor, Vels Educational Institutions.             

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