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Keep developing skills to be successful!- 15-Jul-2018

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Most of the companies expect their new recruits to start working by realizing their responsibilities right from day one of joining work due to the intense competition prevailing among them.

Only such highly equipped persons are offered job opportunities today.  

Keeping this in mind, we, at our educational institution provide added training to students with an objective of equipping students to the expectation of the companies apart from the prescribed syllabus of Anna University.

Generally, when it comes to skills towards jobs, internship plays very important role. Last year, Anna University made internship mandatory for all the students. But, we are providing this opportunity to the students for the last four years with excellent rapport with industries. We are able to see drastic changes in the students having completed internship.  We are clearly able to observe the increase in confidence level and the manner in which they carry themselves is highly responsible after the internship.

Further, we have signed few Memorandum of Understandings with few companies such as GE and Siemens with the objective of establishing Centre of Excellence in our institution. We are also trying to start another Centre of Excellence for disciplines like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. We are setting about new training methods with new objectives.

In a technologically advanced world where everything is available for sale online the scope for content writing is extremely bright. As this job could be carried out right from home, we provide training regarding this in our educational institution.  

If a person happens to lose their job at 40, it is extremely difficult to get a job. Reason behind it is that lot family commitments at that stage; learning new things would be very difficult; decline in self confidence due to pressure of being unemployed. To avoid such harsh situations, students of these days, should continuously develop their skills.   

Even students opting to study Information Technology (IT), shouldnt curb themselves to equipping with only IT related skills. They should acquire knowledge in other disciplines too.  Similarly, job opportunities in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical is going to witness an increase in the days to come.

I certainly believe that the recent changes that Tamil Nadu government has brought about in school education as well as various other schemes will facilitate students of Tamil Nadu to conquer greater heights!


J. Karthikeyan, Vice Chairman, Sree Sastha College of Engineering                                  

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