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Guide to select Engineering colleges and course-6/20/2011

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In the recent past, numerous Engineering colleges have come up in the entire nation as most parents want their children to be Engineers in the future than their own children.

However, in spite so many Engineering colleges, Engineering studies has not lost its significance, since the want of Engineers is large in the globalization scenario. It is not wrong to desire your children to be Engineers. But, first it is very important to find out whether your child is interested in Engineering.

It is not justifiable to force the child to study engineering when they are not actually interested in Engineering. First, find out what your child is interested in and decide accordingly. 

It is very important to know, how as parents, you could be helpful to your child, if they are really interested in the field of engineering and want to be an Engineer.

  • Find out the area of your childs interest.

  • Try to gather, as much as information about the job opportunities available in that segment of studies that your child desires.

  • Plan only after making detailed study on how much the entire study would cost for the 4 years and decide according to your economic strength. The worlds trend is that nothing would be possible without money. So, rethink before admitting your child into the programme. After finding it too difficult to meet the educational expenses, later on you shouldnt regret.  

  • Permit your child to select the area of their interest, rather than enforcing your desire. 

  • Dont admit your child in an unknown college that is yet to establish its identity. Never fret about getting an engineering seat, since several seats go unfilled every year, as there are several engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Admit it your child in a reasonably good college after getting information from an appropriate person. Only then your money and time would not go waste.

  • If you are having problems with finance and your child has obtained good marks opt for Govt colleges, as the fees in these colleges are pretty less. Next, opt for Government aided colleges.

  • If you are planning to admit in Private college, ensure to make a detailed enquiry on the infrastructure and how it is being put into full use, faculties strength, how long the principal has been there administering (nothing would be good in a college if there had been frequent changes in the principal), recognition of the institution in the society and last of all find out about the institution from the past students and senior student as they will be helpful in giving lot of information about the institution.

  • In addition, you can give preference to private colleges that provide specialized training on English communication, higher studies and employable skills. 

  • Now, if you are forced to send your child to an outstation college that is far away from your hometown as your child did not get a seat in the college close to your hometown through counseling. Send them with courage. Do not be worried, encourage your child and give enough needed advices on what to do and what not to do in emergencies.   

If the child studies from a hostel environment apart from learning to give-in, they would be good for their future too. 

  • Though your child would have scored excellent marks in plus two, let not your child take engineering studies casually. College ambience and college studies are entirely different.  It is very important to work hard in college like in school. 

If not, being negligent would lead to arrears wasting the entire year. Parents' need to constantly monitor your child and advice accordingly. Above all, it is important for the parents to be periodically in touch with the teachers.

  • Ensure that the college you are admitting your child claims only payments in accordance to the fees details provided in the prospectus or booklet. Well, if the management demands more than the amount provided in the prospectus you could send a note to the Directorate of Technical Education concerning the issue. 

  • Make sure to present yourself on the specified date in the college of you had selected. Do not absent yourself due to money matters. If you have any problems regarding money matters make a request to the college authorities, which they could consider.  If you are slackened in this regard, your child would have face unnecessary problems that would lead to a bad remark on his name right from the beginning itself. 

  • Know the various categories by which students are admitted through single window counseling in Tamil Nadu. Some of the allotments are Sports quota, Ex-servicemen quota, Differently-abled quota and caste based allotment.

  • Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu having studied VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std or their equivalent examination in Tamil Nadu need not enclose a Nativity Certificate. However, students having passed any of these classes VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std or their equivalent examination outside Tamil Nadu should enclose a Nativity Certificate.

Other state candidates having studied VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std in Tamil Nadu need not enclose 'Nativity Certificate', but are eligible for open competition only.

Students of IAS, IPS officers and Central Government Employees, not a native Tamil Nadu having served for five years in Tamil Nadu are eligible for open competition.  

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