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Finding the right college-6/20/2011

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If your choice of course and selection of college is going to be right, then everything regarding your higher education is going to be right. As soon as you get the marks, you need to decide the course and the college. You could decide it based on the previous years cut-off marks for the various courses. But that is one vague approach. We cannot always arrive at a consensus that selection of colleges would be perfect using the previous years cut-off marks as a yardstick.

Students with a cut-off of 180 cannot expect a seat in Anna Varsity. But don't get into low spirits, this doesn't mean that students with 180 cut off will get seats only in newly sprouted colleges. Every year, the scenario changes. So the students need not entirely rely on the last years trend.

Once the student gets his marks, he should first consult his parents. The parent - student duo should shortlist at least 10-15 colleges. Students with a 180 cut-off should select colleges that had offered seats for the students with 177-183 cut off in the previous year.

Perception of parents about colleges differ. Some parents seek for colleges with strict rules and regulations, some contradict with such notions. Parents should also decide whether they want their child to be in the hostel or attend college as a day scholar.

Well, the student is going to be in the college for four solid years. Therefore, college selection should be done carefully taking this into consideration. To know more about the college, former students could be contacted. Infrastructure setup and placement prospects are the two salient features to be concentrated before the selection of college. Faculty efficiency, laboratory facilities also need to be checked. Parents also need to consider about extracurricular activities provided in the college. It is crucial for the parents making a visit to the college and enquire with senior students about the quality of the institution. Parents, while they visit the college should set their mind frame, that the visit is a sort of information gathering mission. Only then they would be able to short-list the best colleges.

Some select the college by its reputation. They willingly accept any course and pursue the studies just because of the institutions reputation. Some select the college purely on the basis of the course - course oriented selection or institution oriented selection. Either way is good.

So the selection of the college has to be done jointly by the student and the parents. Once the decision is made, they should be firm on it. Certain circumstances may come up where both the parents and the students would have to give up something. At this juncture both of them should be ready to make some compromise.

Qualifications to Marine, Mining courses


To get entry into marine courses via engineering counseling there is age limit. 25 years is fixed as the upper age limit. Applicants of all categories are expected to possess 60% of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Apart from that should also possess 50% of marks in English language in 10th and 12th standard.

As far as mining course is concerned only boys are eligible to apply. Passing the physical tests is also mandatory to get enrolled in the course.

Everything available online: Starting from the acknowledgment of application, to processing of random numbers, ranking, fixing of counseling date and venue; every minute detail is being posted online. In the case of any clarification, the applicant can access the Anna university website by just keying in their application number and obtain the status report at one click. They could come to know whether their application has been accepted / if not what are the certificates to be attached to make it eligible. Even if he/she does not get the call letter, they could get to know the counseling date and venue on line.

Apart from this, vacancy status of the various colleges is also updated in the website every hour.

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