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Attention to students seeking Engineering studies.-6/20/2011

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Students, become too apprehensive after completing school education thinking that engineering studies alone can get good earnings and facilitate to obtain lot recognition in life. They begin to contemplate and worry on various issues concerning the college - Would I get that particular Department?  Would I get a seat in the specific college that I had planned? And ultimately confuse their parents too.

Right from the day of result to the day of admission into an Engineering college, the students go through lot of anxiety. These two months are very important months in the students life. Here, we have some useful tips on, what to do and what not to do, during this important phase.  

  • Many students around you might study engineering or wish to study engineering. Therefore, that doesnt mean that you should also study engineering and leave behind the thought that only through engineering studies your future life would be good. Reflect on yourself, whether you naturally possess an aptitude towards engineering studies? Beyond that, you ought to make a detailed study on the interest you possess on Engineering studies.  Well, if you thing that the field of Engineering is for you, you can proceed to the next points.

  • You can like or wish to study specializations like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and IT. But, the most important thing is that before opting the study you should know about the area of specialization. If you happen to know few things about studies you are planning select, it would easy and would be able study with interest. What is the nature of the particular studies? What does the study comprise of?   What are future scopes for the studies?

  • Students should possess very good clarity on the specialization to choose in Undergraduate and Post Graduate studies. Regarding this, get advice from an appropriate person. 

If you have special interest towards the field of aeronautics, instead of opting for the aeronautics at Under Graduate level, it would be good if you opt for Mechanical in the UG and opt for Aeronautical at the Post Graduate level. Hence, it is very important to know such types of intricacies.  

  • Further, it is not only enough to know your area of specialization, but it is very important to know about other specializations in the field of Engineering to face the challenges in the future.

  • Do not select a college just because your friend has got into it. He/ She would have selected a college and a course based on his/her interest, economic background and family situation. Similarly, you should take a decision based on your family background. Even without studying together you can continue your friendship. At any point of time you can meet and revive your friendship.  

  • Important details like the selection of course and college must be made by you in consultation only with your family members. Dont go by the word of any stranger or outsider; instead just take it as a word of advice. To get more information you could seek the help of your teachers or some experienced education counselors. Ultimately, the family should take the decision in consultation with their child who is about take the studies. 

  • Obtaining very good marks and joining in one of the best colleges in the state would not ensure a bright future. It is important to work hard, develop employable skills and get good marks in college for all the dreams to become a reality.

  • Most of the time you may get a desired college, but not the desired course. At times you may get the desired course, but not the desired college. Start studying the course you have got, dont be worried about such issues.  It is good to give importance to a good college, instead of a desired course. Only then you can get all the opportunities. 

  • Dont go to an educational consultancy or the college administration to know about the college. Instead ask old students of the college or senior students of the college, they will be able to give appropriate information about the college. Otherwise, if you have anybody working in the college they would be able to give authentic information about the college.   

  • At the time of counseling dont be tensed and nervous. Such a mental state would not help in proper decision-making. Take a clear and firm decision at home and reach the counseling spot at least 2 hours earlier.  

  • There are some differences between school study and engineering study. The students, who scored good marks in school's mathematics syllabus, may feel difficult in Engineering syllabus. So, you need hard working attitude in your Engineering studies.

Dont be negligent. Keep too much entertainment at bay and concentrate on studies. Only then, the money and time that you and your parents invest will be rewarding.

  • Dont ask any question to operators in the counseling hall because they dont know anything as they have been just hired for a part time basis and are not regular employees who know the in and out of counseling. Dont have conversation with anyone in display hall also, as you will get confused.

  • As your name will be registered in system immediately after your fee payment, you should not go anywhere, but wait for further instruction in the waiting hall. They may call you at anytime. If you move to the display hall, you may not be able to hear the announcement and probably loose your chance.

  • It is a misconception that the best colleges are available only in metropolitan cities and only these colleges have good infrastructure facilities. You should understand that there are so many colleges with excellent facilities in small towns of Tamil Nadu and there are lots of fake colleges in metropolitan cities also.

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