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Selecting an Engineering course- Prof Sekar-6/20/2011

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With scores of courses in offer for the student in this era, many students find it very difficult to choose an appropriate course for a substantial future.   

In a recent interview with, Prof. Sekar, Dean, Dhanalakshmi Seenivasan Engineering College, Chennai provided some useful tips to student for selecting the right course. 

"You are all aware that lot of new engineering courses are available today, but these courses have emerged from traditional courses like civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. In the new courses that had evolved, we could have Construction Engineering, Transportation Engineering, water Irrigation Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Marine Engineering, Electronic and communications engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science and IT Engineering.

In today's critical world, these specialization courses will enhance your ability to be a competent. IT oriented engineering courses will keep their momentum for the next 10 years.

New course like Embedded engineering, simultaneously makes eagerness as well as hesitation among parents. IT industries are much awaiting to grab graduates from embedded engineering. People are also receptive about new courses like, Environmental engineering, Aviation and Aeronautics Engineering, which emerged from Civil and Mechanical engineering.

Nano-technology, Biotechnology and Nuclear engineering are gaining importance in farsightedness. If you are confused about choosing new courses, it is better to opt a traditional course. Students considering about higher studies and job opportunities can opt specialization courses. It is not a matter of choosing expensive course, but should have the fore thought on possible means to manage the expenses", he addressed.  

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