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The teachers must collect information and be ready to take classes.  They should create interest in them.  For the Science and Maths teachers, there are two 'e-learning' facilities in India.Hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers are utilizing this facility.  The teachers can not only learn through the ready-reckoners in Science and Maths but also offer new information.

Details regarding this can be obtained from the websites  and www.eshikshaindia.  The Human Resources Department of the Central Governments website also provides such facilities.

Science alone gives the 'wisdom eyes' to resolve the problems and encounter the challenges.  We have to build our mind only through faith.  This faith can be wrought only through the combination of good men, good teachers and good books.

When I was studying in the 5th standard, most of us in our class took less than 40% in Mathematics.  Our teacher asked us, "When you can take 80% in other subjects,  why do you take less marks in Mathematics alone?"

Then he brought in a change of teaching method in Mathematics and thus sowed the seeds of confidence in us.    After finishing the lesson, he gave us 10 sums to work out.  90% of the students got centum.  Our faces swelled with happiness.

The only way to achieve success in our lives is to nurture self-confidence in our minds, "I can do it." We can confidentally build our nation only when you avow yourselves that you can do it.  When I was doing B.Sc in St. Josephs College, I had the chance of seeing every morning the pine presence of Professor Thotadri Iyengar walking to the college.

The effulgence of wisdom  would radiate as he walked.  This very great man was our teacher.  He gave us lectures on the age-old Mathematics geniuses.  He introduced to us Arya Bhatta, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Brahmagupta and Bhaskaracharya.  Even today, his  resounding lectures pleasingly hum in my ears. 

I had been to Finland this year April.  The students there go to 1st standard at the age of 7.  Till the age of 37 they are taught how they should behave committed to the society. The confidence that ' can do' is created in them.  The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) conducts a survey according to the plan of International Students' Evaluation.  The reading skill and the Science and Mathematics skills of students below the age 15 are assessed.  Of the countries where such a survey is carried out, the students of Finland are at the top.  The basical aim of this survey is to see how best the education received could be utilized fruitfully to the society.

This success in Finland is because of the equal distribution of skill everywhere.  Qualified teachers,  continuous Teacher-training and the special attention given to the slow learners have been taken into account in the survey.  There are reasons for this success in Finland.  They are:

1.The teachers project their talents on the students.
2.The teachers set a special track of teaching for enjoyable learning.
3.The teachers should devise new methodology to teach Science lessons.
4.Must  evaluate the classroom whether the lessons taught have reached the
5.Based on the effect produced by the techniques used, the teachers should change the methodology of teaching.
6.If additional training is required, the teachers can ask and get that facility.

These are the reasons for the success of Finland students.

If we have to achieve likewise, what  have we to do to make the students understand Science and Maths?  What are the proper imparting method and other techniques?  What is the way to know whether the students have grasped the subjects?  We have to think about these things.  The teachers must ask questions to the students.

In the year 1954, the Government of India had announced the 'Bharata Ratna' award to Sir C.V. Raman.  The then President  Honble Sri Rajendra Prasad  had invited Sir C.V.Raman  to receive this highest honour during the last week, after the Republic Day.

But, Sir C.V. Raman wrote a letter back saying that he had to finalize the students' Research Reports before January 31 and hence could not attend the function.  He felt strongly that the students welfare was more important than the highest honour awarded to him.  Like him, the teachers should give importance to the students.  Then only Science will flourish.

My best wishes to you all!

Kalams Poem:

Where are we?
My friends, where are we?
Were in our brethrens hearts thud
In the great hall, to give a historic image.
People ask us . . . people ask us
Bharatha Mathas sculptors in Parliament!
Give  prosperity to our lives, give us light
Your goodly service is our beacon. 
Well flourish, if you serve genuine.
The kings way is peoples way.
Nurture your thoughts,  hoist  your actions
Let be your Guide the Veda of Truth
Blessed ye be always with Gods Mercy!

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