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I would like to share with you all how we could together unite to change this society we live in into an intellectual society.  Our country's resources can be enlarged only by the best utilization of our brainy resources.  Through this we can augment the status of our lives.  Besides, we can also gratify the other societal needs such as good education, hygiene and infrastructure comforts.

Whether a country has changed into an intellectual society can be decided  only through assessing the achievements in the fields of agriculture, production and service.

The basically agrarian society had grown into industry-based society and later has developed into information-based society.  In the 21st century, information-based conutries are turning into intellect-based countries.

We must comprehend the differences in this growth structure. While men's labour in the agrarian society was the essential feature for its development,  the principal, personnel and technical administration in indusry-based society were the important aspects for its progression.

In the information-based society,  information communication link within the country and with the other countries became very vital in the service sector.  We know that in this information-based society, India gained significance because of its advancement in Information technology and its related fields.  All developing nations feel that  they have to follow the already progressed nations only.  We have to think about our country's progression and also the changes to be effected in terms of intellect-based society.

What is 'intellect dependent' society?  I read about this. The intellect-dependent society is when all the basic requirements are satisfied and when it strives with the objective of fulfilling the total growth of the country.  To create such a society, the educational system should not stop with impartingbookish knowledge; it should be innovative, imaginative and interactive and must be revamped in such a way to practise self-thinking.

Instead of categorizing as average skilled  and skilled labourers, they should be made intellectually empowered beings by accepting the latest work techniques.  The works must be completed by means of softwares.  Administration should not be carried on simply through commands and orders.  Instead, it should be conceded by representatives through pision of power. Economics should be based on intellect.

Special skills should be taught from the elementary education itself.  The number of skilled persons ready to work in the factories to perform a particular job is much less than the number required.  The number of persons who study and pass out of our educational stream is quite high.  But,  the gap is large when talents are needed.

According to the reports of the organizations like NASSCOM, McENZIE,  about 90 lakhs direct jobs are to be created for the Information Technology and its related organizations, and BPO services during 2010.  In the sectors of Infrastructure, Retail Marketing and Transport, about 60 lakhs jobs will be created.  There is a demand for 5 lakhs nurses. In India only 50000 nurses come out per year. In 2012, the demand for nurses is going to be 10 lakhs.

In another 5 years' time, 20 lakhs skilled labourers trained in different works will be needed for small scale industries. To minimize the fissure between the requisite of the skilled employees and those who are now ready, a linking bridge is essential between the educational system and the abovesaid three sectors, namely, agriculture, industry and service. The students  who pass out from the educational institutions need particular talents to face the real situation of this world.  These talents must be imparted from the elementary education itself.

The analytical thinking to ask questions within the mind, to handle skillfully the hi-tech techniques, to manage the work force and the leadership qualities to motivate all these must be cultivated.  Only through this we can construct our nation and make it a Superpower.

Kalams explication of this Tirukkural:

யாகாவா ராயினும் நாகாக்க காவாக்கால்
சோகாப்பர் சொல்லிழுக்கப் பட்டு

Guard your tongue if nothing else; for words
Unguarded cause distress

We may be talking something or other according to the circumstances we are in.  We will be surprised to see how much truth is there if we start analyzing every talk. The words we utter will prick like a sharp needle,  cut as a knife and will burn like fire.

The words pronounced once cannot be taken back.  Even while articulating many truths, the wrong words said will make life tragic.  So to lead a good life,  we should handle our tongues cautiously.

Kalam's Poem Pinnacle of Goal

Im climbing and climbing
My Lord! Wheres Goals Peak?
Im digging and digging
My Lord! Wheres the Wisdom Treasure?
Im swimming and swimming in the great sea
My Lord! Wheres the Tranquil Island?
Lord! Bestow your Grace
On one hundred crores men
The Pinnacle of Goal, Wisdom Treasure and
The blissful Tranquillity with their hard work.

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