The Pinnacle of Goal and the Treasure of Wisdom

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Here is the article of the outstanding person Dr. Abdul Kalam, who is the moving power for our students progress.

Deep study will render creative skill.
Creative skill will nurture thoughts
Wisdom is born from the thoughts
With Wisdom's expansion Resources multiply, the nation grows . . .
In the efforts to move towards the pinnacle of goal
To acquire the Treasure of Wisdom is a tremendous vocation
As we progress towards the Goal and the Treasure of Wisdom, we have to toil and try for a tranquil life.

When we make a progress in lifes journey, we happen to face many problems.  We have to bravely encounter the problems, defeat them and move forward.  We must have self-confidence to attain the goal.

If you make an effort in this way, you are sure to be successful.

I remember the talk I gave in the Delhi Tamil Sangam.  Poets! Like Bharathiyar sing dreams-filled in songs.  Bharathiyar sang that we had joyful freedom even when we were sagging in slave-bond.  Likewise, sing songs that all rivers are linked and the whole has become rich with resources.  Sing that ours is a progressed country and is enjoying an esteemed status.  This will cheer up and encourage us to work hard to achieve our Goal.

We have to give subsistence to the tanks in the villages that had been and that are now.  New ponds have to be found and the water-tracks have to be revitalized.  The tanks have to be safeguarded to protect  the underground water level so that it will not go down further.  To collect and save the rain water is also a good effort.

By coordinating and executing all these efforts together and by scientifically refining the used water again would enhance the village economy permanently.

When I was touring in the Punjab State, I visited the village of Bhagat Singh, the renowned Freedom fighter. Khatkar Kalan is the name of that village.  I met a person by the name Gill.  He has planned a fine project for his village and executed it.  There, in practice,  all the sewage water of the village is collected, refurbished and is again used by the villagers for their gardens.  Such useful programs must be augmented here also.

There also happens another good thing.  Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal, a Sikh godman is involved in the sacred duty of cleaning the holy rivulet Kali Bein by gathering the people of that area where the rivulet takes its course.  He deems this as a pine service.

If similar economical progression ensues in the villages, the discrimination between the different social groups will disappear and the lives of the villagers flourish, the job scopes will increase and it will boost their self-confidence.

Ten times of revenue increase is possible if the crops are made into food products  instead of selling them as they are.  The Panchayat Unions can try to establish such preservation centers by linking with the Agricultural Universities and other educational institutions.

If a country is to be considered flourishing,  these conditions must prevail there: it should be devoid of sickness,  thriving in wealth,  must have good cultivation, a congenial and peaceful ambience and be with heavy safety measures.  This is what Thiruvalluvar in
his 'Thirukkural'emphasizes.

Let us meet again! My best wishes to you all!

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