Must become a Super Power to throw away poverty and violence

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Like knitting one thousand books together, Dr. Abdul Kalam  presents numerous information for the augmentation of the students.  The students who read his views receive knowledge as though they have sought and collected information from hundreds of books.  Here are his views for the students:

With firm faith and positive thinking we can achieve the aim that our India, where Bharathiar is born, will become a flourishing country.  We have to labor hard to attain this win-win situation in our lives.

If you are successful in your lives, this country too would be victorious. Bharathiyar has elucidated in his song how to work hard to achieve this.

Heard the scientists say
Atoms spin without a pause
Sages declare the rays
Swirl interminable
To labor incessant 's the
Nature of earthly things, then
Wisdom Goddess! Wont my heart
Desire thine Grace evermore?

He has sung this song as 'Saraswathi Vanakkam' (Prayer to Goddess Saraswathi) in his 'Panchali Sapatham'. See, how deeply scientific thoughts are imbued in this song! Within the atoms, the electrons revolve around each other.  Our earth whirls around the Sun.  Likewise, the Sun, the Earth and everything are going around in the swirling movement in the Cosmos.This event is going on incessantly without any pause.

Bharathiyar sings, O Goddess Saraswathi! Just as all the elements of this Cosmos are continuously moving, bestow your Grace on my life to work and work continuously.

The students are always asking me when will our India be a prosperous country.  Let us all work hard and make India a fertile country.  For this let us all in each of our job, work hard to make it the best.

Let us believe that the self-same spark which ignited our minds in the Space Programmes Activity forty years ago, will also help today to enlighten and activate the Indian minds.  The prescience placed  before our country and the objectives fixed before our eyes make us young even today.

We feel strongly that these fiery young spirits are potential power grid.  This power potential is more commanding and unassailable than the potency in the earth, sky and under the sea.  We all have to unite together to convert the progressing India into progressed India.  

In my adventurous and inventive journey from the island of Rameswaram to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, I have crossed and travelled a very long distance.  My journey continued from Physics to Aircraft modelling, Rockets, Satellites,and Nuclear Weapons.

Those who live in the villages are suffering in hardships that can be assuaged.  Amidst our development and prosperity, misery and privation have honed our urban slums. Violence happens.  All this must change.  Everyone should lead a peaceful, harmonious life in accordance to his lifestyle.  For this, our country should become a Super Power.

Oath for Village Youngsters

1.Children are our treasure of immeasurable value.
2.Let us treat equally the male and female children and work hard for their rights, educational development and progress.
3.Let us follow the planning of small family to lead a hygienic, well-off life.
4.Our hard work brings us income.  Let us not waste it in drinking and gambling.
5.Let us make our children understand the importance of being educated.  Because
   education augments knowledge and  knowledge makes children progress in their
6.Let us try to protect the soil and forest sources, and the environment.
7.Let us all plant atleast 5 saplings and grow them.
8.Let us be a role-model to our children.

    Let us meet again and all the best!

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