Rural Development is India's Progression

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Dr Abdul Kalam shares his views to give confidence to the rural students.  Here are his ideas:

The fifty-four crore youths with self-awareness are India's greatest treasure. The youth must upsurge to face challenges confronting our country.

For this, the educational Institutions must develop in the required manner the students ability to think and analyze.   If the students are nurtured in this way, it will develop their creative and productive skills. Such talented students will develop the skill of learning independently throughout their lives.

70% of the total population of India are dependent on villages. Hence, the real growth of India centres around the village resources

This is the significant aspect of of 2020 Expanding India.  The basic infrastructure facilities essential to promote the standard of education and generate job opportunities in villages must be taken care of. India must be changed by minimising the disparity in socio economic condition between the rural and urban areas.   India must be changed where all equally get pottable,clean water and necessary heat energy.

India must be changed to lead the people in the path of progression by integrating the fields of Agriculture, Industry and Services.   

By crossing socio-economic differences, all citizens must obtain quality and value-based education. Let India be changed for this betterment.

Let us change India into a fit place and a suitable country for all scientists,  connoisseurs and capitalists.     Let all categories of people, without any discrepancy avail quality medical aid. 

Let India be changed into a distinct,  forthright and uncorrupted country.

Let us exterminate poverty, illiteracy, crimes against women and children. Let nobodyin the society feel  alienated let us change India towards this condition.
Let India stride with pride in the flourishing, growing path to construct a protected, prosperous, pleasant, peaceful and a hygienic country.  

Let us change India as the best country to live in and a country with leaders who  guide us towards a thriving India.

Friends!  our talk alone is not sufficient. Each one of us should step into activity.   Write in a sheet of paper about yourself, that is, for what kind of action will people remember you. Let us take advantage of the flying minutes. Let us have an ambition.  To grasp that ambition, let us seek the necessary education.  Let us work hard with ceaseless energy to win that ambition.   Let us defeat that defeatist attitude when we struggle hard to achieve that splendid ambition.

With best wishes

Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Dr. Abdul Kalam's explication of Thirukkural

The wound  caused by fire will heal within,
But not the scar left by the tongue.

Many a time accidents happen because of the power of fire and cause grievous injuries in the body.  If medicines are applied, the injuries will heal;  but the scar will remain.

The tongue is the  most powerful instrument given by God to man.  Whenever we speak to a person, though he has wronged us, to punish him we must use good but strong words and thus mend him .

We cannot correct anybody with harsh words.  Instead the very words will turn against us and treat us with severity, whether the wronged person is before us or not.

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