If you aspire . Even the star will be at the tip of your finger

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If you wish to do something constructively in this world, you first regulate your life

"Your performance and the way you conduct yourself influence others," says Dr. Abdul Kalam.  Here is his article written with poems for the youngsters.                                                           

All of you will succeed if you have determination and an aim to succeed in life.  Let me share with you the poem I've composed.

We  all are
the creation of god!
Our hearts 're
Rougher than diamond!
We will succeed!
Where's fear
When God's grace and our mental strength
're there?

My view is that the present day youngsters should live free of fear about future.  When I was young like you, I had many fears in my mind. As a student of Elementary school in my village, I had anxiety whether I would be able to study in the High School.  When I went to the high school at Ramanathapuram, what did I see there? I saw pupils wearing good outfits and speaking fine English .

I was doubtful whether they would allow me to join in their group.  When I was a student of the 9th std I was reeling in fearful thoughts whether I would score good marks and join Engineering college. When I went to the 10th std all these thoughts vanished away from me.  It was because of a teacher. I got a teacher who taught me the objectives in my life.

As educated young persons, you must be good students to your teachers, good children to your parents and good citizens to your country.

Our aim is that India by 2020 must become a super power and a developed country.    A flourishing country means that India should be economically progressed country to enable the100 crore citizens to live comfortably. This is our present objective. The condition of unemployment must change and what is required for this country is excellent job opportunities, quality education, first-class training and talented youngsters. The community of youngsters is our great treasure.

We learn continuously and work right through our lives.    When we do this, we must set a goal and accomplish it.  This is well said by Thiruvalluvar, the faultless  poet :

Always aim high failure then
Is as good as success.

If we have a lofty ideal in life, we will entertain fine thoughts.  If we have superior thoughts, our performance will also be equally higher.

How can we create India a developed country?  I have configured the thoughts in verse.  If we want to construct a flourishing India,  we must first give an import to time.

Every day from morning to evening is a significant day.  The deeds performed that day should bring in the harvest of success.  Friends!  you all know that Earth needs 24 hours to revolve around itself. The day and night, then, are created. A day has 24 hours, that is, 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds. 

Earth,  to go around Sun once,  takes one year. When the Earth revolves round the Sun,  we become one year older.  As we live on Earth, this incident occurs recurrently. Seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months are just flying and flying.  Is it possible for us to control time? No!  However, we can change the time in our lives to spend for useful causes. Let us use the soaring time for positive purposes in our lives.

Look at the stars in the sky!
Do you want to reach it?
Whoever you may be,
If you have robust  mind and hard work
What your heart craves
'll reach you certain!
Be it a star . . .

Let us meet again.

Best wishes to all of you.

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