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Diploma Courses
P.G. Diploma in Parent Counseling
P.G. Diploma in Technical Writing
P.G. Diploma in Ambedkar Thoughts
P.G. Diploma Diploma in Ethics and Biotechnology
P.G. Diploma in Christian Spirituality and Counseling
P.G. Diploma in Ethics and Human Resource
P.G. Diploma in Saiva Siddhanta
P.G. Diploma in Manscriptology and Editing
P.G. Diploma in Extension & Development Administration
P.G. Diploma in Folkloristics and Mass Media
P.G. Diploma in Inscription and Culture
P.G. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
P.G. Diploma Organizational Development and Management of Change
P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy
P.G. Diploma in Taxonomy of Algae
P.G. Diploma in Taxonomy of Fungi
P.G. Diploma in Digital Library Management
P.G. Diploma in Peace and communal Harmony
Diploma in Telugu
Diploma in Kannada
Diploma in Manuscriptology
Diploma in French
Diploma in German
Diploma in Italian
Diploma in Spanish
Diploma in Cyber crime and information security
Diploma in Malayalam
Diploma in Urdu
Diploma in Hindi
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Certificate in French
Certificate in German
Certificate in Italian
Certificate in Spanish
Certificate in Malayalam
Certificate in Arabic
Certificate in Urdu
Certificate in Hindi
Certificate in Yoga (P.T.)
Certificate in Kannada
Certificate in Blogging
Certificate in TV News Reading Comparing
Certificate in Web-Page Design (SS)
Certificate in Pre-Primary Education (SS)
Certificate in NGO Management (SS)
Certificate in Hospitality Management (SS)
Certificate in Skin care and Beauty Therapy (SS)
Certificate in Women’s Studies (SS)
Certificate in Functional English and Public Speaking
Certificate in Buddhist Studies
Diploma in Arabic
P.G. Diploma in Functional Hindi and Translation
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