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Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad is a premier R&D Institute in India. The Institute had its origin as the Central Laboratories for Scientific & Industrial Research (CLSIR), established in 1944 by the then Government of Hyderabad State. After integration of Hyderabad State with the Indian Union, the laboratory expanded with its growing activities. The RRL-H was rechristened as the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad in 1989, recognising the multidisciplinary activities and the expertise developed by the Institute in the field of chemical technology. It has made significant contributions in the last six decades in that field and celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. Major areas of research at IICT are: Natural Products Chemistry, Agrochemicals, Drugs & Intermediates, Speciality and Fine Chemicals, Fluoroorganics, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry (Catalysis & Material Science), Lipid Sciences & Technology, Coal, Gas & Energy, Chemical Engineering and Design & Engineering.
IICT s basic objectives have always been to carry out research in the chemical sciences leading to innovative processes for a variety of products necessary for human welfare such as food, health and energy and the conduct of R&D work is fully geared to meet the requirements of technology development, transfer and commercialisation. Process development work, particularly for bulk chemicals is carried out at appropriate pilot plant scale to collect technoeconomic and design data. With the help of excellent design & engineering expertise available, the Institute has been providing engineering designs for commercial plants with standard commercial guarantees. More than 150 technologies developed by IICT are now in commercial production. Its commitment to industry is reflected by way of several sponsored and consultancy projects received from the industry, year after year. The external cash flow of IICT for the year 2003-04 is around Rs.16.5 crores. With over 450 highly professional and dedicated scientists and technical officers/technicians, excellent laboratory and instrument facilities for research in chemical sciences and technology and allied sciences, IICT is known nationally as well as internationally for its contributions both in basic and applied research.
The following are the current projects going on in IICT:
  • Providing organic synthesis services
  • New processes for intermediates for sandalwood and other fragrance chemicals
  • Esterification of rice bran deodorizer distillate
  • Providing organic synthesis services ( First Extension),Synthesis and supply of compoundsR&D funds to support Research Facilities.
  • Role of RNAi machinery on heterochromatin assembly and silencing in Drosophila
  • To provide consultancy on micro array services to client at their premises
    Safety audit of plant producing Lindane & Trichlorobenzene
  • Providing technology package (process knowhow & designs) for recovering of aluminium as aluminiumhydroxide, vanadium as vanadium pentoxide and
    magnesium as magnesium oxide from strong leach liquor (without using lime in the process) obtainedfrom DCLs plant
  • Fatigue analysis of pressure vessels and performance of clients existing products of polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy based coatingsRRA for additional tanks at Cherlapally depot
  • Modelling and simulation of repeating furnaces
    of VSP
  • Consultancy on API Process Development.
  • XRPD studies for drug molecules
  • Single crystal X-ray studies of drug molecules


The Indian chemical and allied industries need a variety of technological and knowledge based services from professionally run institutions to upgrade their capabilities in environmental management, quality control, process up gradation, alternative feed stock selection, equipment/plant design, new computer software development, techno economic feasibility assessment of new ventures, new product, formulations development, human resource management and allied activities. The IICT offers exciting opportunities and quality services to the industries, technocrats and allied institutions in these areas.

The IICT is equipped with most sophisticated analytical instrumentation, multipurpose pilot plants, mechanical workshop and computer hardware and software facility for process analysis, simulation and optimization and specialized bench and pilot plants.


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