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The Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology-IMMT, (formerly Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar) was setup as a premier establishment of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi in 1964 in the State of Orissa, in eastern India. The laboratory specializes in providing R&D support for process and product development with special emphasis on conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources. Over the years, IMMT has developed S&T capabilities in a wide range of areas from mineralogy to materials engineering. The laboratory has expertise in conducting technology oriented programmes in mining and mineral/bio-mineral processing, metal extraction and materials characterization, process engineering, industrial waste management, pollution monitoring and control, marine and forest products development, utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants and appropriate technologies for societal development.
Major Areas of Research of the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology
  • Characterization of minerals, ore dressing and accumulation of ore fines and concentrates.
  • Pyro and hydro-metallurgical extraction of metals, production of alloys and recovery of metal values from wastes.
  • Production of special materials and composites.
  • Preparation and deduction of organic and inorganic chemicals from marine, forest and mineral resources.
  • Process equipments and control systems design and development. Survey, and cultivation of aromatic, medical and other economic plants.
  • Growth of physico-chemical and analytical methods.
  • Basic scientific research to add-on to the research and development work mentioned above.

Programs of Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT)

Since its inception, the institution has produced scientific capabilities in wide orbit of areas. Currently, it has a number of technology related multidisciplinary programs like:

  • Mining.
  • Mineral Processing.
  • Process Engineering .
  • Pollution Control.
  • Marine & Forest Products Utilization .
  • Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Cultivation.
  • metal Extraction.
  • Material Characterization .

Human Resource Development:

Human Resource Development Cell aims at promoting professional human resource management in the Laboratory by evolving a holistic human resource development plan under CSIR system.
  • Induction/Orientation training programmes for freshly recruited scientists and newly recruited/promoted officers in administration, finance, purchase cadres.
  • Management skills development training programmes for leadership, team working, change management for senior staff.
  • Refresher functional skills training programmes for scientists, administrative, finance and purchase personnel.

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