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How to wade away exam fear! - 17-Jan-2018

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Do you sweat on your palm, feet; bite finger nails; feel jittery when you are about to take a test? Most of the people including some adults go through this feeling when they take a test.

It's natural to feel some stress or tension while taking some tests. In fact, sometimes a little adrenaline pumping in your system is a good for the better. 

Here are some tips for taking tests:

First of all, be honest to yourself in doing your regular work. It sounds funny, but certainly its true. If you have studied for the test, you need to be less worried. 

Dont try to work it up just the previous day, it wont work well. Have a planned approach towards learning your lessons. Dont become overzealous the previous evening. It wont yield good result. Instead, have a systematic approach workout little by little everyday no midnight oil have spare or cushion days for outings, birthday parties, illness and other unprecedented events.           

Honestly, previous night is not meant for studying, but it is meant for a secure revision and to get enough sleep the night. Your memory recall will be much better if you've had enough rest. In a scientific study, people who got enough sleep before taking a math test did better than those who stayed up all night studying.

On the actual test day, listen closely to all the instructions. As the teacher hands out the test, be sure what you need to know now.  

Read the test through first. Then, read over it again, checking out how long it is and all the parts that you are expected to complete first. This will let you estimate how much time you have for each section and ask the teacher any questions. 

If something seems unclear, don't panic: ask.

Focus on addressing each question individually. If you don't know an answer, don't obsess over it. Instead, answer the best way you can or skip over the question and come back to it after you've answered other questions.

Its hear you need to relax!

If you're nervous that you may blank out, you might need a break. Certainly, you can't get up and move around in the middle of a test, but you now stretch out those small muscles on the hand and toes, and then take four or five deep breaths.  For sure it will improve your composure. 

During a test, if you blank out on something and start to get tense, it suddenly becomes much more difficult to remember. Then just let your mind off relax, dont kick yourself too much to recollect the answer. In fact, this sort of relaxation will help you recollect the answer provided you have enough time. Some time, when time is very limited, it may not be possible.  On the other hand, if you have 5 minutes until the bell rings and you're still writing, wind up whatever you're working on without panicking.

These tips should help most students overcome exam tension, but some can get serious test-taking terror. If you're one of them, you may need to talk to a counselor for help.

Good luck!

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