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Sculpting a comprehensive being!- 18-Aug-2017

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Education is a tool to develop skills. By fine tuning students skills, this tool should provide security to a successful career.  

Regarding this issue, ambience of the educational institution should facilitate students to develop their skills and enhance knowledge. Keeping this mind, we have set up an exclusive state of the art library in our college campus.  We develop practical skills of the student through our exclusive research laboratories.

We provide appropriate training to students with the help of experts to develop their skills. Apart from teaching English and French, we also teach languages such as Mandarin and Japanese. With this, it becomes easier to obtain jobs in multinational companies while studying itself.  Apart from these, for those who wish to start business, we provide incubator training.

As for as teaching methodologies are concerned just 15 minutes the subject is taught. Rest of the time is spent on practical application of the topic taught in the class.  Further, as the next days lesson to be taught in class are told earlier to students, they come mentally prepared to the class. They discuss in length about the subject in class. 

Keeping all these on one side, through various projects we kindle the mind of the students that is required for their growth. Apart from this, through awareness classes we sow the interest of starting up business enterprises to students. Along with this, we enthusiastically encourage students who are interested in sports.

We have 52 clubs that facilitate to develop technical knowledge and additional skills. Through these clubs, the students skills are fine tuned. 
Besides this, the teachers are provided with special training programs to improve teaching skills and practical skills. Apart from making yoga compulsory, we also provide healthy social thinking that would value humanity.

On the whole, we shape students into comprehensive being and send them out as happy individuals to face life.                    
SV. Balasubramaniam, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam   

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