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Job selection- 3-Jan-2012

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As for as the jobs are plenty, so are the competitions. At least, 1000 candidates fight out for 100 job vacancies. Just imagine the difficulty of being one among the hundred, if you are a candidate applying for the position.

Most employers prefer candidates who possess skills related to their job offer. 

These days present generation takes various aspects into consideration in their job search. Some choose inappropriate jobs that are even irrelevant to their studies while others wait for their desired jobs.

It is always good to select a job that is relevant to your talents. Ones talents and interests come from your studies or genes. Take a word of advice from seniors of that field before entering into a field.

Many lose their job, due to inadequate knowledge and lack of interest in the job. One should develop skills related to the job. Only until, a company thinks that they can get some benefit out of you, you can continue to work in that organisation.

Beyond salary, it is important to sustain in the company for few years without breaking off. Sticking on to the job depends on your interest. Salary alone cannot make you stick on to a job for a long time. Here, interest is the key factor to sustain in the job for a longer period of time. Learn to adapt yourself with changing atmosphere.

If you work with dedication and involvement in your job, cutback or lay off would not affect you.  Learn to live within your salary and make future plans for savings and investments.

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