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Tips to natural happiness...!- 12-Oct-2011

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Lot of joy is hidden in our daily life. So, it is not necessary to spend much money to seek happiness, instead try to find out that hidden portion that provides the real happiness. Please avoid immoral way of living to gain pleasure. God is a tricky creator because he has injected pleasure in every aspect of the world.

Every human being is well aware of the fact that singing and dancing are inevitable part of human life. So much of joy is hidden in that inevitable part. Though lot of people are not experts in singing and dancing, at least they sing and dance on few occasions of life.

We generally sing and dance in our privacy, but not in public since we feel shy. We always care about others thinking and actions. But, the truth is, all those around us are in the same position. If you really understand this, it will help you to loose yourself from shyness.

When you sing your favorite song, you get at most joy irrespective of your voice. At the same time, if you happen to sing a song in front of a crowd, it wont be easy for you. If most of the persons are familiar to you from the crowd, you may feel comfort. Most of the people are even reluctant to murmur a song when someone is near to them. If somebody doesnt like your song, only then you need to think about other means.

Singing and dancing are considered as medicines, which gives relief from mental depression. When you feel lonely, bored or tired, just make your way through singing loudly or slowly depending upon the situation and get relaxed. Through singing and dancing, you not only get happiness and relaxation, it additionally gives more mental confidence and increases your talent in both the art form.

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