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Water... an elixir!- 24-Aug-2011

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Many students know about the importance of water. However, a considerable number of students neglect drinking sufficient water and invite various types of physical illness.

2/3 of our body consists of water. Water also consists lot of nourishments and has major role in excretion. It is a wrong conception among students that when we feel thirsty we should take water. Feeling, thirsty means, that your body has lost considerable amount of water. As a result, you should aware of that state and take water at regular timings.

It is necessary to drink atleast 10 glasses of water everyday. Avoid drinking water during your food because that will affect your digestion. Always keep water readily available while you are studying and take few sips now and then. It is always good to drink warm water than cold water.

If you suffer from digestion problem it is good to drink warm water. People, who take warm water regularly, rarely run into flu. If you drink considerable amount of water early in the morning, the functioning of your excretory organs improves.

Our body requires sufficient level of water all the time; otherwise we are susceptible to lot of physical ailments.

Constipation, headache, laziness and drowsiness are major problems because of insufficient water intake.

Ensure to take sufficient level of water everyday and enjoy a healthy life, if you desire to avoid study breakups due to physical ailments.

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