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Centre to streamline appointment of teachers in states- 8-Feb-2013

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Chennai: The Centre said it has undertaken an initiative to streamline appointment of teachers with the use of technology to ensure more transparency.

The government would also monitor the performance of teachers, Minister of State for HRD Jitin Prasada said here.

"Teachers accountability will be the thrust (area) from now onwards. With technology coming in, we are in the process of streamlining things where we will be monitoring whether the teacher does go to his class and what he teaches and where (we) will be taking feedback from students," he said at a panel discussion at 'ThinkEduConclave', organised by 'The New Indian Express Group'.

He said education was a concurrent subject as funding goes from the central government and all appointments and recruitments of teachers are done by the (respective) state governments.

To a query on politicisation of appointment of vice-chancellors in universities, he said, "There has been problems ...there has been cases of corruption...For avoiding such cases, we are streamlining these measures where appointments and monitoring of various institutions is put online which gives very little scope for corruption."

To a query on including students as stakeholders while formulating a policy, Prasad said the government is open to suggestions and would undertake improvements in the Right to Education Act.

The government would welcome more public-private partnership in education sector. "If the private sector can cover two sectors which are the thrust areas for the government then it is welcome," the minister said.

The thrust areas are admitting poor children in private schools and providing quality education.

"While we are thankful that there are lot of engineering and MBA institutes in the country, it is also becoming more of a monetary role that they (private sector) are trying to make money out of education, which is unacceptable and against the law," he said.

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